What Mortgage Relief?
News from New York Times:

A year ago, when the nation’s biggest banks settled with state and federal officials over claims of foreclosure abuses, the public was led to believe that the deal would allow millions of hard-pressed borrowers to escape the threat of foreclosure. It still hasn’t happened.

  • Despite Aid, Borrowers Still Face Foreclosure (February 22, 2013)

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More wiggle room for student-loan debt?
News from MarketWatch:

By AnnaMaria Andriotis

As more borrowers fall behind on their private student loans, a U.S. consumer watchdog is pushing to make those payments more affordable.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau last week said it’s seeking proposals on ways to make debt repayments more manageable for borrowers of private student loans — especially those who encounter financial hardships. In a call with reporters on Thursday, Rohit Chopra, the CFPB’s student-loan ombudsman, said private student-loan borrowers face bigger challenges than those with federal loans because they typically don’t have flexible repayment options, such as “income-based repayment,” where borrowers make payments based on their income rather than the amount they owe, and “extended repayment,” which lowers the monthly payment by lengthening the loan’s duration.

Grading colleges by student debt

The U.S. government is supplying new data to help students figure out which colleges offer the best bang for the buck. Image: Getty

Currently, repayment options for private-loan borrowers who fall into hardship vary by lender — though they tend…………… continues on MarketWatch

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